Trayvon Martin
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    Trayvon Martin Tweets
    RT @Booqzs: Got the opportunity to meet & listen to Trayvon Martin's father Tracey 👌 http://t.co/NuqtCCdpJu

    Twitter: @Gorgeous2Beauty

    Plies Talks Trayvon Martin, 'Cracker' vs The N-Word & Lawsuit #NiteCap http://t.co/Sfapr99c5I

    Twitter: @iampeterbailey

    RT @TrayvonMartin17: Trayvon Martin's mother: Educate yourself about gun law.... http://t.co/thBOr776ig

    Twitter: @GunReformGran

    Why I just get teary-eyed talking about Trayvon Martin #RIP

    Twitter: @simplyfeesh

    Listening to trayvon Martin pops speak at school

    Twitter: @malaurent94