Varicose Veins
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    Itchy legs? It could be a symptom of varicose veins. Read on for more info on this often misdiagnosed symptom. http://t.co/Ic575grMgV

    Twitter: @BunkerVeins

    Nite Twitter. Enjoy your nite & weekend. May I just say I'm loving your varicose veins, they remind me of the London Underground Map. NitešŸ˜˜

    Twitter: @BabyPeachyPie

    Check out these 7 astonishing facts about varicose veins http://t.co/TJmz5ZM4nU. http://t.co/Z7HjsT3cJE

    Twitter: @As_We_Change

    At the Vein Center of Lake Norman, we currently use #EVLT (laser treatment), #phlebectomy, and clarivein treatment. http://t.co/KVf97nRJZL

    Twitter: @VeinCenterLKN

    RT @zambo57: Varicose veins are rarely due to venous malformations/compression main #CCSVI causes. Is no-association between the 2 a surpriā€¦

    Twitter: @MiguelOHara5