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    RT @pewtrusts: We can save lives by harnessing wasted heat to power hospitals during blackouts: http://t.co/JUvZLWf5mz #energy

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    @moniquesourdif @happyherbivore I am talking from the medical community standpoint why so much research etc..if it is just diet changes?

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    RT @reqstudio: Inside the Empathy Trap via @cooper http://t.co/aD1qt4wqih #medical #research http://t.co/Oi6MinV0KT

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    RT @HydroAssoc: The realities of medical #research funding for less-known conditions like #hydrocephalus @RobertPearlMD. GREAT READ! http:/…

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    Foundations like ALS relying on things like the Ice Bucket show how bad our drug patent system is http://t.co/6EBISfvYU0

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